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Top 25 Career Advice Articles: The Best Of Kalibrr Career Advice 2015

By Kalibrr Content Hub on December 29, 2015

And just like that, it's almost the last day of the year 2015. The Kalibrr Career Advice Team has had some good times, some bad times, but mostly, we were all about equipping you with the right tips and ideas that will help you upgrade your career. Before the year finally ends, let's take a look at the best articles of the Kalibrr Career Advice blog according to you, our readers...

  • The Best Answer To The Interview Question – “Tell Me About Yourself” by Paul Rivera (Link)
  • Worst Examples of Filipino Resumes by Paulo Vargas (Link)
  • Make Your Resume Stand Out With This Helpful Tip From Google by Joseph Cueto (Link)
  • Don't Be An Alma Moreno In Your Next Job Interview by Kalibrr Career Advice (Link)
  • Do’s (and Don’ts) On Dressing Up For Your Next Interview by Rick Enrico of SlideGenius (Link)


  • Top 4 Reasons Why Good Employees Quit by Joseph Cueto (Link)
  • You Know You Should Quit Your Job When... by Life Dawn Balibalos (Link)
  • The Golden Rule of Management by Joseph Cueto (Link)
  • 8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Passion Project by Therese Endriga Wigforss (Link)
  • 7 Things Bad Bosses Say by Joseph Cueto (Link)


  • From Account Manager to Waitress: A True Story of Moving to the US by Dindin Reyes (Link)
  • 8 People who Helped Build the Philippine BPO Industry by Krisha Maclang (Link)
  • How This 26-Year-Old Became a Marketing Head at PLDT by Krisha Maclang (Link)
  • This Story of an FEU Summa Cum Laude Will Surely Make Your Day by Izza Bacaycay (Link)
  • How This Young Filipina Gets Paid To Travel The World by Kach Medina Umandap (Link)


  • Why Manila Is The Best Place To Be An Expat by Roxi Lim (Link)
  • How BPO Changed Office Culture in the Philippines by Paulo Vargas (Link)
  • The Most Unusual Office Benefits In The Philippines by Joey Herrera (Link)
  • What are the Rights of a Contractual Employee in the Philippines? by Krisha Maclang (Link | In Filipino)
  • This Senate Bill is for you: The Magna Carta for Call Center Workers by Krisha Maclang (Link)


  • Working Is Just Like Dating (Infographic) by Dindin Reyes (Link)
  • 5 Non-Boring Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day by Racquel Narciso (Link)
  • 12 Miriam Santiago Quotes That Apply to Life in the Office by Poyen Ramos (Link)
  • 16 Confessions of Newbies On Their First Days At Work by Poyen Ramos (Link)
  • 7 Most Kilig On-Screen Office Relationships by Roxi Lim (Link)

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