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8 Company Benefits You Wish Your Job Had

By Marga Salvador on June 14, 2016

While paid time-off is still a great employee perk, there are companies around the world that take employee perks and benefits (and productivity) to a whole new level. More and more companies are picking up on the fact that when their employees are taken care of, the amount of work they get done shoots up with the employee happiness levels. While actually getting a job is an important first step, one can always dream! Here are 8 companies from all over the world that have the coolest employee perks and benefits.
1. Travel care of Airbnb
(Source: todayonline)todayonline)">

The popular home rental company based in San Francisco, California not only makes travel easy for users but employees get an annual $2,000 stipend to travel. This can be used for whatever reason they please. Of course, they can stay in an Airbnb listing anywhere in the world. Employees also get to bring their pets to work and the company was named Glassdoor's Best Place to Work in 2016, just saying.
2. Accenture and their commitment to diversity
(Source: eleinastudio)eleinastudio)">

Everyone wins at Accenture because the company covers gender reassignment for their employees. Accenture in Toronto, Canada made a commitment to be inclusive of diversity and so your "abilities, age, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression," are free to be.
3. Summer and holiday break at Adobe
(Source: home-designing)home-designing)">

In an effort to keep employees properly charged, Abobe shuts down the entire company for one week in December and one week over the summer. Previous senior manager Ian Gruber said, "I’d rather have everyone be gone at once (and thus more likely back at once) than to run at reduced strength for weeks on end."

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4. Google's got your back beyond the grave
(Source: officesnapshots)officesnapshots)">

Google is consistently on Forbes' Best Companies to Work For list and with good reason. Apart from their insane Google campus and multitude of perks, the tech giant goes above and beyond. When an employee passes away, their surviving spouse or partner is provided with 50% of their salary for the next 10 years. On top of that, children also receive $1,000 each month until they turn 19.
5. Chesapeake Energy Corp has all kinds of energy

(Source: stateimpact)
(Source: stateimpact)

Energy producer Chesapeake's HQ in Oklahoma City has a 72,000-square-foot fitness center that includes an Olympic-sized pool, a sand volleyball court, rock climbing wall, and a quarter-mile walking track. Sure, a lot of companies have fitness centers, but do they offer free SCUBA certification to all its employees? No, you say? Well, Chesapeake does.
6. 3M helps you keep it together
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The Minnesota-based company, widely known for making Post-Its, is all about staying healthy. 3M offers child and elder care consulting services, a smoking cessation program, weight management program reimbursement, stress management coaching, a pharmacy, and medical clinic and fitness center on site. They also offer similar benefits to same-sex couples in domestic partnerships.
7. Epic vacations with Epic Systems
(Source: glassdoor)glassdoor)">

Known for their Epic Intergalactic HQ in Verona, Wisconsin, the medical software provider offers a month-long paid vacation. This isn't totally unheard of nowadays, but if the employee wants to spend their sabbatical in a country they've never been to before, Epic Systems will pay for most of the travel costs for the employee—and a friend. Even your friends get some of the work perk!
8. The real Netflix and chill
(Source: wired)wired)">

Netflix has the real chill in the employee benefit game. The headquarter office doesn't track vacation days or work hours in or out of the office. They only measure what employees get done so if your time management skills are in the bag, you can have a two-day work week and a five day weekend if you please.


World Wildlife Fund employees get every other Friday off. These are known as “Panda Fridays.”

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