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Kalibrr Inks Partnership with Adamson University

By Poyen Ramos on December 4, 2017

Kalibrr recently signed a memorandum of agreement with Adamson University on December 4, 2017, to help and support their students prepare for employment.

This partnership hopes to establish an employment network for Adamson University. More importantly, this will provide the university the capacity to track employment and professional data of their students and alumni. The partnership will also help promote the university’s activities geared towards career and employment.

Left to right: Ms. Danielle Ayag, Kalibrr Market Development Manager, Mr. Julius Paras, Kalibrr VP for Customer Engagement, Fr. Marcelo Manimtim, CM, AdU President, and Mr. Richmond Yap, Director, Guidance Counseling, Testing and Placement Services

“We hope this partnership will impact the lives of your students, and help them with their career as they grow professionally,” says Julius Paras, Kalibrr’s vice president of customer engagement.

Nikki Dacaimat, Kalibrr’s student brand ambassador for Adamson University added that she’s glad the partnership happened because they’ll be able to provide more opportunities for the students.

Adamson University president, Fr. Marcelo Manimtim, CM, expressed his gratitude over the partnership and with Kalibrr’s mission to help employ every Filipino in the country in his short speech.

“I’m happy that [Kalibrr] is seeing things in a new perspective; that you are doing things, not for the structure of the company but to really enable the mobility of the people and the society.”

L-R: Ms. Nikki Dacaimat, student ambassador, Mr. Dean Bulaon, Kalibrr Program Coordinator for Strategic Partnerships, Ms. Danielle Ayag, Mr. Julius Paras, Fr. Marcelo Manimtim, CM, Mr. Richmond Yap, Ms. Lally Cabanela, AdU Guidance Coordinator

AdU is noted as one of the top schools in the Philippines. Although best known for its chemistry and engineering programs, Adamson gradually added architecture, sciences, pharmacy, business, education, liberal arts, law, graduate school, basic education, and theology courses as it grew bigger.

Together with this partnership, Kalibrr is able to reach out to thousands of AdU students and graduates, help them in getting their dream job and stay true to Kalibrr’s mission.

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