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Five I.T. and Software Jobs That Pay Well at Every Job Level
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Five I.T. and Software Jobs That Pay Well at Every Job Level

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on February 12, 2019

A tech professional on the move? Whether new in the industry or working in the mid-level or senior ranks, these are the jobs that can earn you the most at almost any stage of your career

Thanks to continued advancements in communication and tech, businesses have increasingly entered the digital space, with many looking to I.T. and software to improve their products, services, and overall processes. This has resulted in an increased demand for you, the tech professional, with companies opening I.T. and software positions on a fairly regular basis. These range from entry-level up to managerial positions, as companies not only look for one or two tech specialists to add to their employ, but to also establish full teams.

With a good number of options available, it’s understandable if you find it challenging to decide on your next career move. The following tech jobs however, may be worth taking into consideration, given that these not only presently pay well overall, but does so whether you are relatively new in I.T. and software, already have experience, or are a considerable expert ready for a supervisory or managerial role.


Average Salaries of IT & Software Jobs at Every Level



Team Lead/Project Manager (I.T.)

Expectedly, among the highest paying jobs in is one that is also managerial in nature. Apart from a wide working knowledge of I.T., team leads are also often tasked to define project objectives and oversee quality control, as well as plan and develop projects themselves, and ensure their execution in a timely manner.

If aspiring to helm a project and/or manage a team of your peers for the first time, you can expect to earn a salary of just under Php50,000 a month. As you continue to gain experience and prove to be an effective team lead or project manager, or are already proficient in the role, you can earn a salary of as much as Php100,000 per month.

Software Engineer

With extensive responsibilities such as the design, modification, development, writing, and implementation software programming applications, as the well as helming the support and/or installation of such applications, software engineer positions are the next among the highest earning in the present job market.

In fact, even as a software engineer with less than two years experience, you’d be among the highest among your peers that are at the same job level. Software engineers at the junior level have an average salary of over Php57,000 per month, while those with more experience earn between just under Php70,000 to as much as over Php90,000 per month.

Business Analyst (I.T.)

As many major companies also look to leverage big data in the improvement of their products, services, and industries overall, Business Analyst is another highly in-demand job with significant earning power. Business Analysts with less than two years experiences earn an average of over Php31,000 per month, a rate that considerably high, even if you happen to be a “newbie” to the job.

On the other hand, if you are a business analyst with a little more experience and a wider range of skills, you could earn an average salary of over Php52,000 per month, while as a senior business analyst with over six years of experience, you can earn as much as over Php82,000 per month.

Network Engineer

Among the more common jobs in I.T. and software these days are Network Engineers, as companies require need professionals qualified to installs and maintain their computer communication networks; ensuring these networks run smoothly and are promptly upgraded to provide maximum performance.

Similar to Business Analysts, Network Engineers earn above average salaries. If you are relatively new to the job, you still have the opportunity to earn as much as Php30,000 per month, while having experience can make that salary Php52,000 per month. If you are career network engineer on the other hand, you can expect your experience and expertise to earn you an average salary of around Php82,000 per month.

Software Engineer (JAVA)

While other programming languages like Python and R continue to grow, Java continues to dominate most enterprises thanks to the continued growth cloud software keeping it on top. Because of this, careers in Java continue to see an upward trajectory, especially for Software Engineers.

As a new engineer specializing in the language, the average salary to earn is just a shade under Php30,000 a month. Despite an underwhelming starting salary, taking time to gain experience and expertise as a Java software engineer can lead to a double in salary, as the mid-level average presently at over Php62,000 per month, while seniors earning as much as Php81,000 per month.

While these are, for now, among the highest paying jobs in I.T. and software, there continue to be others, many of which are easy to find on Kalibrr.

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