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Three Jobs Worth Considering for Entry-Level Professionals and 2020 Graduates
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Three Jobs Worth Considering for Entry-Level Professionals and 2020 Graduates

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on March 4, 2020

If you are at the start or early within your career, the following are three jobs/industries which may help you narrow down your choices as you begin

As March and the succeeding months roll around, there becomes plenty of expected movement in the local workforce. Many are set to graduate from the college level, and subsequently enter the ranks of the unemployed. This also results in changes for some of those who graduated in recent years prior, as they are no longer considered “newbies” and are compelled to at least think of the next step of their careers.

If you happen to be among those about to end school, or even if you have a year or two or work experience, the variety of career options out there can be a little daunting. After all, while no one is expected to stay in one job forever, where you get hired not only determines what you do for the next several months but also sets the tone in a way for your relatively new professional life.

A recommendation often made by other professionals with a significant amount of work experience is to take a look at the industries hiring. Knowing which not only growing now but also in the foreseeable future, will help in career longevity while recognizing which can provide you as much experience and training will best benefit your professional growth.

With that said, the following are three jobs that you may want to consider for a lasting career as well as best establish your footing in your chosen field.


Safety and Security

Not the most common profession to come to mind for most when looking for a job or establishing a career, Safety and Security is an ideal choice given its involvement in almost all other industries. In itself, Safety and Security jobs also vary, all but guaranteeing opportunities for people with different skills and expertise. These include working as a Risk Inspector, a SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) Specialist, an OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Supervisor, or Cyber Security expert. 

Safety and Security jobs are also some that employees tend to stay the longest in. Analyzing data Kalibrr had collected since it established its job-search services, the company discovered that professionals in the last handful of years had the longest tenures in Safety and Security, which was a year more than the overall average of a year-and-a-half, which essentially shows that is one that, for many, is worth working in a gaining skills and experience in.

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Information Technology

It’s no secret that many successful companies and organizations of today continue to digitize a lot of their processes– both to make it easier in terms of internal operation and when marketing and transacting with their clientele. Being in the midst of this “fourth industrial revolution” has many of them in a state of constant innovation, where they are either doing the aforementioned digitizing of their processes or are among the companies at the forefront of creating new software for others to use.

Along with this has been the continued evolution of existing I.T. jobs, as well as the emergence of new ones. It is said that the continued advancement of tech remains faster than the acquisition of skills of I.T. professionals, resulting in the high demand for the latter who are able to keep up with the new solutions and are able to head the tech initiatives of the companies they work for. 

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Management Trainee

Managerial roles are also another job common across industries, as is a job-level to reach for many professionals. Taking on a Management Trainee role is not only a good first step in this direction, but is also a way for fresh grads and other entry-level employees to have their pick of industries since, as mentioned, these roles exist in almost any major company.

Along with learning how to generally manage business operations and other related processes, working as a management trainee gives one an inside look at their chosen industry, as well as mentorship from tenured managers who can provide valuable insight and information. Working in management is also an ideal choice for those who desire to work with known companies, as the likes of Uniqlo, SEAOil, and Generation Hope, to name a few, are often hiring management trainees.

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Indeed, there are a lot of choices for fresh graduates this year and, as those with even just a few months to a year or two of experience can attest, the diversity of career choices will continue to evolve as new technologies continue to emerge and companies look to develop ways to address new needs in their respective markets.

With that, the only true way to figure which one can be most successful in is taking on roles you feel are best suited to the skills you have and the career goals you want to meet. Need help finding that dream job? Sign up at Kalibrr and be connected to thousands of employers, today!

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