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Cool Product Updates for April 28, 2016.

By Jaime Young on April 28, 2016

The summer heat is kicking in and we have cool product updates for our recruiters this week!

Product Updates: 

  1. Filter by active and passive candidates on resume search 

    Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_12.03.23_PM (1)

    • On the others filters of resume search, you can now filter for candidates who are actively looking for a job or passive looking for opportunities.
    • Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_12.03.26_PM (1)The cards of candidates resume search indicates whether or not they are passively or actively looking for a job.
  2. Changed the "show candidate" dropdown to tabs

    unnamed (2)

    • We made it easier to discover the show candidate filters by turning it into tabs
    • When searching for candidates on resume search, you can see all candidates, candidates who have applied, candidates who have not applied, and candidates you liked.
    • This makes it easier for recruiters to identify who to send job invites to.
  3. Editing job posts now retain current job post informationEdit Requirements

    • Previously, editing jot post did not retain the current job post information upon editing.
    • This issue has been resolved and will help recruiters continuously improve their job posts for their respective companies.

4. Added a default message to candidate invites and defaulting it as send as sms. 


  • We're making it easier for recruiters to send invites and we're defaulting it to send as SMS as SMS invites yield faster response times from jobseekers.

5. Added "copy link" and "share via e-mail" on the job dashboard

Edit requirements 2

6. We're making "Industry" a required field in the recruiter sign up form.


Tune in next week for more product updates!