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How This IT Risk Manager Flourished with Kalibrr Pro

By Erica Trinidad on March 20, 2018

With technology-based systems, data, and processes now almost ubiquitous in today’s modern workplace, one would think that security for these would be a top priority for most companies.

But when you ask Jed Languayan, the IT Risk Officer of Bank of Makati begs to disagree. “You’d be surprised at how many companies don’t see the full need of IT security,” he started. “That’s why I take my job so seriously: it’s not every day you find a company that invests a lot in this technology. At the end of the day, doing my job well means protecting the customer.”

Indeed, the AMA Computer Learning Center graduate has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the role of IT. “I’ve always been driven by the pursuit of continuous improvement: for process standards, work methods, and operation strategies,” he shared excitedly. “Ultimately, this doesn’t just make work easier for everyone—it also guarantees that clients get what they paid for. And that’s important.”

Jed Languayan

Finding more than just a job

This strong moral code in his work isn’t the only thing admirable about Jed. When one delves deeper into his professional philosophy, one gets impressed with his views that aren’t just typical platitudes.

“Challenge is my personal preference. Being an IT Servicing professional, I want to make a career out of an opportunity, not just a job,” he states. “When choosing which company to work for, you have to see the path you can pursue there in the long run. If you don’t see yourself growing, go with something else.”

Savvy jobseeker that he is, it’s not surprising then that Languayan has reached this point in his career. After successful stints in RightCloud and GrabAgility, along with a completed online course in Operations Management from The Wharton School via Coursera, he was glad to finally land his current role at Bank of Makati.

“When I left my previous company, I was looking for something that would expose me to IT governance,” said Jed. “I wanted something that was managerial. Being that high up would mean enabling me to evaluate the performance of the whole IT scope within an organization.”

And land it he did. But it wasn’t just professional philosophies that got him the role—Jed has his strategic tactics, too. “When I’m looking for a good job, I look at two main factors: the role and the company. If the role isn’t challenging enough, I look elsewhere,” he says.

“And you can assess if a company is good through a few key metrics: years in the market, compensation packages, if they truly understand the needs of the customer, and of course, how much they invest in their employees,” he added. “But it’s not that easy to find a company that satisfies all four.”

Indeed, when Kalibrr Pro came calling, Jed was pleasantly surprised. “I had just left my previous role, but I wasn’t really looking for a job right then. That’s why when the recruiter from Kalibrr Pro called, I was glad.”

More than just being a recruiter

Based on Jed’s account, he was ultimately turned down for the first role that the recruiter endorsed him for. But she was bent on helping him land a great role.

“My recruiter was determined to find me a great fit. I was really impressed when she followed through, giving me this opportunity even when I didn’t pass the first one,” he shared. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow, galing ah!”

Jed was very thankful for the relentless support of his recruiter. But let’s not forget the work he put in, too: “When a recruiter approaches you, it’s okay to really be transparent about everything with them. They have the intention to connect you with the right company and opportunity. Being extremely honest enhances the chances that you’d really benefit from each other.”

And it seems like it worked. Now that Languayan has settled into his new role, he’s not looking back. “I’m definitely recommending Kalibrr to my colleagues. There’s really a personal touch when you interact with [their recruiters]. I’m glad I got connected to my current role through them.”

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