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Kalibrr Hosts Discussion About Generation Z

Kalibrr Hosts Discussion About Generation Z

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on May 28, 2019

In partnership with the Asian Institute of Management, the company brought notable speakers and panelists together with other business leaders and recruitment professionals to discuss Gen Z and how these “Zillennials” impact the job market and workplace

It's well-documented how Millennials continue to influence the job market and how employers hire and retain talent. However, we now see some of the attention shifting to those that follow after Generation Y since most of them are now part official members of the workforce.

The oldest of Generation Z, or those born from the mid-1990’s, or the 2000’s, and beyond (depending on who you ask) have also begun to enter the workforce. And, with their inclusion coming at a quicker pace as a result of the K-12 educational program, we should now start to consider what these young professionals’ perspectives are about work and career, as well as what differentiates them from the generations before.



For one, there’s seemingly some confusion between Gen Y and Gen Z, which is not helped by the varying range of years of birth for both. As a result, there is also quite the confusion for employers in terms of how to hire and maintain Gen Z. This is what Kalibrr hoped to address with the help of human resources and industry experts at its third Kalibrr Communities of 2019.

Aptly titled “Zillennials”, Kalibrr and the Asian Institute of Management gathered business leaders and human resource professionals at the latter’s facility to discuss the newest and youngest part of the workforce, understanding not only what this upcoming wave of talent has to offer but also the advantages of hiring and nurturing the skills of these young employees.

The online recruitment solutions provider and executive educational institutions brought two key speakers to head the discussion, and share their findings and experiences with nurturing, hiring, and working with “Zillennials”.


“It’s not about their age or their labels, it’s about what they can do.”

Love Bassilote

First to share her insights was Philippines Business for Education (PBEd) Executive Director Love Basillote, who centered her presentation on the skills of Zillennials, and how the K-12 learning program, as well as other forms of available training, have made them a little more capable than what their youth belies.

“Gen Z are really about their competence. It’s not about their age or their labels, it’s about what they can do. So when we want to recruit them, we appeal to their skills and say ‘hey, we see this is what you can do, and because of that, we want to work with you.’”

She also spoke of the advantages of working with this new generation which includes having access to a lot of learning resources and having the potential to do more.

“It’s important for employers to take an interest in education, where the aim is to nurture students into competent professionals. We need to give our youth a shot, in education, in work, and in training.”


“Not every Gen Z acts like a typical Gen Z.”

Vincent Berndsen

For his part, Vincent Berndsen, Co-Founder and Partner of Hungry Workhorse Consulting, spoke of how not all Zillennials are categorically the same, and that, based on various research, some possess a higher potential than others, which in turn is still helpful in being able to employ others within the age group.

“Gen Z has a lot of ‘high potentials’, who well know their worth, and expect simulation in their job and be paid their worth. If treated otherwise, they can be expected to leave. These high potentials are also not shy of teaching and leading, and they can be tasked to lead other Gen Z’s.”

Additionally, Berndsen made mention that Gen Z, unlike the Millennials before them, place more importance on the opportunity to earn over the opportunity to have experiences, general characteristic to consider when hiring the latter.

“Gen Z has been thrown into perhaps the most competitive educational environment in history. They want to earn and want be successful, and they are at risk of burn out while they overachieve.”


Hiring Zillennials Now

To close the Kalibrr Communities event, Basillote and Berndsen were joined by Anna Kristina Espino-Saldaña, High School Principal for the PHINMA University of Pangasinan, and Dr. Edizon "Ed" Fermin, Vice President for Academic Affairs of The National Teachers’ College under Ayala Education, Inc., to further share their thoughts about Zillennials in the workplace and to answer questions from the attendees about hiring and retaining the aforementioned young talents.

Those present at the Kalibrr Communities event ranged between CEOs to recruitment managers, all from varying industries, with differing needs and queries about working with young talent, making for an insightful panel discussion at the Soriano-Bancom Quadrants of the AIM Campus.


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