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Kalibrr Shares Insights at Employer Branding Summit Asia 2019

Kalibrr Shares Insights at Employer Branding Summit Asia 2019

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on June 13, 2019

Centered on humanizing digital strategies across the talent lifecycle, this year’s summit brought leaders from a variety of industries, including Kalibrr’s Managing Director for Indonesia, Sanuk Tandon

Last May 29, the Fairmont Hotel in Makati City played host to CEOs, Vice-Presidents, Managing Directors, and other business executives, and recruitment professionals as they gathered for the Employer Branding Summit Asia. Hosted by employer branding firm TalentView, this year’s event saw speakers and panelists from some of the most notable local and international companies in the world. These included Globe Telecom, Unionbank, Teleperformance, Pru Life UK, and Kalibrr Technology Ventures.

For the panel session, Kalibrr’s Managing Director for Indonesia Sanuk Tandon was in attendance, and was joined by TaskUs Vice President for People Michelle Garcia, Senior Director for Communications and Marketing of Teleperformance Marilyn Romero-Ventenilla, and V+A Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer Grace De Castro to talk about establishing talent brand success using the right metrics.

Among the questions during the discussion was how HR and recruitment personnel, intent on transforming their organizations for the better, can push for the change of outdated processes and turn more to digitalization and the use of metrics. Tandon shared that one way is to appeal to what the leaders are tasked to be most responsible for: cost and revenue:

The fundamental understanding to have is that core business leaders are often most responsible to drive two main things in an organization: growing revenue and/or decreasing cost. So every function in the organization is really targeted towards that. So with that in mind, when you’re in HR or employee branding, one way to effectively communicate your initiative is within that context."

"How does it help increase revenue? Is it by increased productivity? Does it unlock a new potential opportunity? Or, how can it decrease cost? How can it increase efficiency? Does it make processes more optimal? When you’re using that language, profit is a concept most business leaders understand."

Addressing a question of what traits or competencies should HR professionals have to be considered trusted advisers or partners of an organization, Tandon articulated that, like with other roles, it comes down to being a leader and the ability to champion the organization’s goals to its people:

"When you look at the HR organization, it’s divided into several functions: talent acquisition, retention, compensation and benefits, and several others. But realistically,  the HR division can be synthesized into two core skills: the first skill being the ability to attract the right people to your organization. The second is being able to motivate and manage the right people to achieve a shared, desired outcome. That is realistically, what an HR leader is responsible for doing, as a service for the rest of the organization.”

Now, when you’re talking about what are the right traits that you look for in an HR leader,  I can share in my experience, in both companies I’ve worked at and for clients I’ve worked with, the HR leaders that are successful and have gone on to become a CHRO or hold other leadership positions are individuals that can leverage their expertise in hiring and motivating and managing the right people, not only for the organization but for themselves. Because that really distinguishes great leaders, the ability to get the best people to work with them and motivate and manage them to get the best outcome."

For more information, and highlights, of this year’s Employer Branding Summit Asia, visit the official website.

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