About First Philippine Industrial Park

Company Profile

First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) provides highly reliable and world-class infrastructure, utilities and services that allow locators to focus on growing their businesses. Located in CALABARZON, we have attracted a variety of medium to large-sale industrial and manufacturing companies within and outside the country alike. Beyond strategic location and an efficient layout, we provide support for our locator companies by providing facilities and services that enable them to do business as well as support their daily operations.

Why start your career in FPIP?

Over 100 companies are FPIP locators, with opportunities ranging different niches in manufacturing: consumer electronics, semiconductors, automotive parts, industrial machinery, among others. No less than multinational and international companies, along with equally X local brands, make up the roster of our locators situated in one expansive location. FPIP also provides sports and recreation facilities, trekking trails in the Eco-Parks, and other perks for its locators. Gain experience, grow your network, and cont — FPIP provides a rich opportunity to build your career.

  • Location
    • Santo Tomas
  • Supply and Demand
    • 1 jobs available
    • 1 positions available
  • Salary Range
    Entry Level / Junior, Apprentice
    P 30,000 - 35,000
    Associate / Supervisor
    P 12,000 - 18,000

How to Get There

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First Philippine Industrial Park
  • Santo Tomas, Philippines

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