Why do I have so many no shows/response applicants?

There are several factors that affect your applicants' response rates. Some of the most common ones are:

1. They are no longer interested in your opportunity because they've found another job or are taking a different direction in their job hunt.
2. There was an emergency or unexpected change in their schedule and they were not able to communicate it properly.

No shows or no response rates can be signs of unprofessionalism you would want to avoid. However in some cases they may just be brought about by unexpected circumstances and don't always mean that the applicant is no longer interested in your job. Here are some tips you can try to ensure that you are being a proactive recruiter:

1. Be clear with expectations on your job post.
2. Keep an open line of communication with your applicants. Friendly follow ups and pre-interview confirmation messages are always helpful. (You can set these up on Kalibrr easily, ask us how!)

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