This document outlines the data protection, confidentiality, and information security policies of Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Inc. (Kalibrr) in compliance to Republic Act No. 10173 otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA) and the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the National Privacy Commission (NPC). Kalibrr established this policy for the governance of data collection, proportionality, storage, safe keeping, legitimate processing, guidelines to information sharing, and proper removal or disposals of all personal and sensitive information of its users.

  • Privacy Principles
    • Kalibrr is engaged in the business of recruitment and job market platform services. Kalibrr partners with other “Employer” companies who post job openings using the Kalibrr Job market platform to look for candidates online in addressing their human resource requirements.
    • Users of the Kalibrr job market platform must be aware that the ultimate nature and purpose of processing their information within the Kalibrr job market platform is to find a job match based on the information the user has provided on their profile. The information is processed within the bounds and limits of the law as prescribed by the DPA.
    • Kalibrr may collect personal information from its users in order to perform its functions properly. The gathering of information is required to give its users relevant job matches that may interest them in their pursuit of successful job placement. Kalibrr only collects information that is/are relevant to the job placement activities without requiring additional information that user may find excessive or unnecessary for their job placement activities. Kalibrr may however, ask for additional information in circumstances where its clients require. The user may then choose to provide or not to provide the additional information with the understanding that this may potentially affect the result of the job placement activities
    • In other cases, Kalibrr will also request for additional information or supplementary information to enhance the job matching / job placement of the user. The user is at all times given the option to provide or not to provide these types of information.
    • The Kalibrr platform only collects information from its users for the ultimate purpose of securing a match between the user and employer. Additional processing of personal information is only for the purpose of enhancing the result and satisfaction of the user and employer.
  • National Privacy Commission

    Kalibrr recognizes the importance of the DPA for every Filipino citizen. Kalibrr also recognizes the role of the NPC and its mandate to implement the DPA and other related laws. Kalibrr has been participating in every NPC activity since September of 2017 (Phase 1 Registration of DPO) up to today (Phase 2 Data Processing System Registration). Kalibrr is committed to complete and comply with all requirements of the NPC.

Scope and Limitation

This Privacy Policy applies only to the users of the Kalibrr Job Market Platform who are job seekers and does not apply to employers who are considered clients / partners of Kalibrr. This policy applies regardless of whether the user is using a computer, mobile device, tablet, Smart TV or other devices that can access the KTV Job Platform.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to Kalibrr employees and clients / partners so long as these entities are considered to be future employer of job seeker.

Kalibrr has a separate Privacy Policy for its employees.

Kalibrr always enters into Data Sharing Agreement with its clients / partners before engagement takes place.

Definition of Terms

  1. Data Subject – refers to an individual, in this case a user of the Kalibrr Job Market Platform who is seeking job placement, whose personal, sensitive or privileged information are processed by Kalibrr.
  2. Personal Information – refers to any information whether recorded in a material form or not, from which the identity of an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identity an individual
  3. Kalibrr Job Market Platform – Kalibrr website that facilitates job matching between job seeker and employer.

Collection of Information

When a user registers in the Kalibrr Job Market Platform the following information are collected in order to complete the profile of the user:

Age, Date of Birth, Phone Number / Mobile Number, Email, Educational background, work experiences, awards and recognitions, and a resume document.

Purpose of Collection

The ultimate purpose of the collection of these information is to process it in order to match the user to the qualifications provided in a job posting or demands of an employer who uses the system.

It is also the means of the platform to confirm the identity of the user who signed up with the platform, as such, Kalibrr and/or the employer is assured that its is engaging with a real person.

Processing of Information

The Kalibrr Job Platform uses varieties of technologies, processes / methodologies, and techniques to better serve both the user / job placement seeker and the employer. The success of using the platform depends on the system’s ability to find the best user / job placement seeker that fits the criteria of the employer. These technologies, techniques, and methodologies are proprietary features of the platform and operates within the limits of the DPA and other related laws.

Kalibrr Job Market Platform uses advanced technology as a way to find the best match possible for the user / job placement seeker and an employer looking for a candidate. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to leverage the information given by the user of the platform and uses these data to find a match with the existing job posting. Similarly, an employer is given a set of candidates that are relevant to their demand based on the job description they have provided.

Information Sharing / Information Access

Users of the Kalibrr Job Market Platform are aware that profile information and other relevant information are shared with employers or may be accessed by employers who are looking for candidates on their current human resource requirements.

Information Access

Users of the Kalibrr Job Market Platform must be aware that profile information is shared with employers who are looking for candidates on their current human resource requirements. It is by this understanding that any user who signed up with the Kalibrr Job Platform has agreed with this condition and that in order to facilitate job match between seeker and provider, information sharing is necessary.

Storage, Retention, and Deletion

User profile that contains personal information are stored in secured facility such as Google Cloud Platform from which several levels of securities and authentication features are in place. Information are retrieved by authorized personnel only and those who agreed to comply with the data privacy law through the execution of Data Sharing Agreement with Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Inc.

User information may be retained in the span of 3 years of inactivity (dormancy period). In 3 years plus 1 day, a notification will be sent to the user to make the profile up to date in order for keep using the platform. The system will wait 7 days after the notification is sent. When the profile is updated within period of 7 days, the system takes that action positively and that the user agrees with the existing policy provisions of the platform. If no updates are made after 7 days, the system deletes the profile permanently and sends out notification to its user.

Acknowledgement of Rights

User must understand that in addition to any rights they may have under this policy, they have the following rights under the Data Privacy Act of 2012:

  1. The rights to access personal information
  2. The rights to make corrections to their personal information
  3. The rights to object to the process of personal information
  4. The rights to erasure or blocking of their persona information
  5. The rights to be informed of the processing of their personal information, including the existence of the automated decision-making and profiling
  6. The rights to damages
  7. The rights to lodge complaint before the National Privacy Commission

In order to uphold these rights and facilitate the compliance to the law, the user may contact the designated Data Protection Officer of Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Inc. using the following information below:

Data Protection Officer
Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Inc.
2F BCC House 5046 P. Burgos St., Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines 1209
Contact Number: +63 (02) 508 0027 and ask to be directed to our Data Privacy Office