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ECX Direct (Business Solutions)

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Pascor Dr, Metro Manila, Philippines
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ECX Direct, Inc., a leading provider of business back room services, is founded on three things: people, technology, and transformational growth. We are a modern-day outsourcer that is progressive and flexible, and quick to respond to our clients’ unique and changing needs. We aim to free companies from business tasks which are not their core competencies and take up too much of their time and energy. This way, we are able to pave a smoother path for them moving forward and achieving their business goals. Reinvent your company with ECX and outsource complex and time-consuming business processes in order to focus on more meaningful innovation. With our help, you’ll be able to free up much of your valuable time and resources, and concentrate more on managing your firm in today’s incredibly competitive industry. We abide by a one-of-a-kind approach that focuses on growth, serving as a solid bridge between people and technology, and delivering unmatched expertise in today’s digital age of customer service. It is our goal to not only support the business of our clients, but to boost growth, spark innovation, drive revenue, and enhance customer service through proper training and guidance.

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