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Aleph Labs

Aleph Labs

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Centennial Tower, Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Selatan 12930, Indonesia



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ALEPH PROFILE: Hello, we noticed you taking a peek. It all started on a stormy day in May 2006. There was rain, there was thunder, there was lightning, and there was Aleph. Aleph is a striking group of craftsmen specialised in strategy, design and technology. We work together to plan, write and produce internet, mobile, and desktop solutions for the most daring set of clients. Bold clients who see the future of user-centric experience and engage Aleph as their rocket fuel. ALEPH CULTURE: We’ve grown from a garage operation to a staff strength of 300 and growing across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand; but we still maintain a boutique company feel and culture within each local market. This is what bonds us and yet frees us enough to apply our unique talents, to deliver functional and flexible solutions, to dream big and to make it happen within this part of the world. First discovered in 2006 the Alephian is a rare species. As a highly collaborative species, the Alephian loves to gather together and exercise great creativity to accomplish large difficult projects for its counter part in the natural hierarchy: “the client”. The Alephian’s natural habitat is in the mobile and internet space where its nimble fingers and outstanding control of Wacom pens creates beautiful websites, apps, and campaigns. A peculiar characteristic is the Alephian ability to communicate relevant information consistently. This is highlighted by a Friday morning tradition where they gather around food and exchange knowledge. This appears to be an effort to become a better group of species. When not at work, Alephians can be found enjoying Southeast Asia’s beautiful resorts and beaches, planning a theme party or cycling together. And if you ever walk by, put your hand up. Alephians love giving high fives.

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Aleph Labs
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Aleph Labs
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Aleph Labs
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Aleph Labs
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Aleph Labs
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Aleph Labs
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